Aiki Breath

discover your breath power

Aiki Breath

Online / One2One

Build up your resilience and power

  • (re)Discover your breath
    Hara / Ki /   functional breathing/ biochemistry & biomechanics of breathing
  • Moving and breathing
  • Increase your performance, focus, concentration up to  300%

Aula gratuita

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Nos dias 4,5 e 6 de fevereiro vou disponibilizar 3 horários para aulas gratuitas.
(horários na hora de Portugal Continental UTC +00)

Inscrições limitadas a 8 pessoas por sessão!

Inscrição nas aulas gratuitas

Session 2x week

You will practice exercises that will help you to understand better how your breathing system works.

This will help you to better manage your energy and keep your stress levels low

Exercises are tailored to each student, building up daily habits for better physical and mental health.

Exercises: meditation/mindfulness session,  Aikido basic movement  (Aikitaiso), rolling and breath, aiki-moving and breath, 5 Tibetan rites, AikiKen workout.

 Classes are One2One.  

All classes are by Henrique Martins (5Dan Aikido Tenchi & Tokyo Aikikai, Treinador nível 2 FPA/IPDJ).

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